Friday, September 30, 2011

Going gaga for Inglot

Raiding the Inglot store every now and then is a small pleasure I'll not deny myself. Ever.  Here's what I got...
These rainbow colours took my breath away. I built my own palette, as seen above. Trust me, one doesn't do it. Isn't it picture perfect? I can stare all day...

See, Inglot has what they call a Freedom System. This means you can build your own palettes for lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows and foundation. Or even customize one bigger palette with all of the above. Love. Love. Love.

Hello? Can you say yellow?  My hotties for season is the above for sure. The middle one above is exactly the same colour as Chanel Mimosa. Just saying...

Obsessed with nail art at the moment, it's going to be HUGE this season, mark my words. These colours should do it and what I really liked is the extra fine little point it comes out of, ideal for intricate designs.

This UV gloss is the bizniz! It actually glows under UV lights, ideal for those summer clubbing nights. The colour is nr 545.

Not a gold wearer at all, I mean it gets so bad that when clothes or a bag has gold or bronze zips/studs I won't buy it, this gold pigment really did it for me. Testing the waters with gold tones this season, wish me luck! Gold pigment is colour nr 37.

The liquid liner is smooth and watery and applies really really well. The colour I chose was nr 41, a silvery gold colour. 

New to Inglot, is the Black Glamour range. The range consists out of 4 foundation colours, 4 pressed powders and 3 loose powders enabling you to discover the perfect match for your skin tone. There are also 8 stunning lipsticks in the Black Glamour range. In addition, Inglot has a wide range of concealers to hide any imperfections and create that flawless beautiful look.  Using the fantastic Inglot Freedom System, you're able to build and customize your very own palettes, with specifically your face in mind. Even the Inglot brushes are all packed and ready to do in their cute little rolls!

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  1. Great post! Love it! Love the nail art pens.

    PS: I have the same palette. I pulled out the plastic eyeshadow pan separator (I kept it in case I change my mind) & you can fit a few more pans inside. :)